Dr Marta Herrero

Lecturer in Cultural and Creative Industries

Room: D051
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3463
Email: m.herrero@sheffield.ac.uk
Twitter: @MartaAHerrero (personal) & @UoS_CCI (programme)
Marta Herrero  

Marta has published widely on the non-profit and for-profit arts sector in the UK and Ireland. She has also attracted funding from the British Academy and the ESRC.

In addition to her role as Programme Director of the MSc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management, Marta is Visiting Professor at the University of Paris VIII, Institute for European Studies, and Board Member of the International Sociological Association’s Sociology of the Arts Research network.


Marta’s approach to teaching is research-led. It equips students with academic and practical skills relevant to the management of creative and cultural environments. The use of research-led case studies offers students an ideal learning environment for the application of problem solving and critical thinking skills, enabling them to devise their own flexible, independent ways of thinking and of tackling the challenging demands of creative and cultural workplaces.

She currently teaches on three postgraduate modules in the MSc in Creative and Cultural Industries Management:

  • MGT6123 Fundraising Management: Sponsorship, Philanthropy and State
  • MGT6124 Critical Theories and Concepts in the Creative Industries
  • MGT689 Dissertation Creative and Cultural Industries Management
  • She also teaches in the postgraduate PhD module MGT6157 Social Theory for Management Researchers


Marta’s research interest in on the cultural economy with three sub-themes:

Cultural philanthropy:

This research programme is exploring new developments in the field of philanthropy in contemporary societies. It focuses on the influence of neoliberal policies, popular culture and consumption on philanthropic behaviour and practices in the arts and cultural sector.

Entrepreneurial management models in the non-profit and the for-profit creative sector:

Marta is working on a series of case studies exploring how cultural organisations adopt entrepreneurial practices in order to increase their commercial revenue, and the influence of internal and external factors in facilitating new models of financial management.

Arts management in international art markets

This research project, in collaboration with dr ling-yun tang (university of Hong Kong), explores the emergence of new management models in two international markets, Hong Kong and London, and the specific local and global dynamics informing such models

PhD supervision

Marta is interested in supervising students in the following areas:


  • International comparisons of fundraising in arts organisations
  • Philanthropy, sponsorship and cultural policy


  • Entrepreneurial behaviour and commercial resilience
  • Start-up entrepreneurs

Art markets

  • Globalization
  • Emerging management models in the international art market

Current PhD student: Arianna Fazio Maximising the social value of festival sponsorship in the UK


Date Sponsor/Applicants Title Funding
2014 ESRC - Festival of Social Science The Strategic Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy to Sheffield’s Arts Sector £2,030
2014 Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Research Mobility Program
University of Alberta, Business School
Philanthropy and Governance in Non-profit Arts Organisations:
A Comparative Study UK/Canada
2011-13 British Academy
Dr Marta Herrero (PI) with Dr Ling Tang from the University of Hong Kong (Co-Applicant)
Globalisation and the Market for Chinese Art: Assessing the Role of Art Businesses’ Organisational Cultures in London and Hong Kong £7,445
2006-07 British Academy
Dr Marta Herrero (PI)
Globalisation and the Auctioneers’ Art Market: A Comparative Study in London, Edinburgh and Madrid £7,200

Invitations, invited presentations and invited reviews

March 2016: Visiting Professor at Universite of Paris VIII, Institute of European Studies

2014: Presentation at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Department of Media and Communication - ‘Arts Sponsorship, Activism and Emotions at Tate Galleries’

2014: Invited review for Organisation Studies of book ‘Brian Moeran and Bo T. Christensen (Eds.) Exploring Creativity: Evaluative Practices in Innovation, Design, and the Arts’

2014: Invited review for the Times Higher Education Supplement book review, 'The Supermodel and the Brillo Box: Back Stories and Peculiar Economics from the World of Contemporary Art'

2013: Presentation at King’s College London, UK, Culture, Media and Creative Industries Department - ‘Resisting Cultural Sponsorship: Arts Activism and the Performance of Art Value’

2013: Presentation at the European Group for Organisational Studies Conference, HEC Montreal, Canada - ‘Market Devices and Emotions in Economic Sociology’

2013: Presentation at University of St Andrews, UK, Management School - ‘Performing Calculations in the Art Market’



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Guest Journal Editor

2013. Sociology and Art Markets’, special issue European Societies, 15(2).

Book Chapters

Herrero, M. and Inglis, 2009. ‘Art, Aesthetics and Social Scientific Imaginaries’ in Herrero, M. and Inglis, D. (eds) Art and Aesthetics: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences, 4 volumes, pp.1.-20. London: Routledge

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Conference and event organisation

Date Title of conference/event Other details
November 2014 The Strategic Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy to Sheffield’s Arts Sector Economic and Social Science Research Council, Festival of Social Science, The University of Sheffield.
October 2014 The State of the Art of Financing the Arts: Philanthropy versus Government Grants Conference Organiser with Professor Anker Lund, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Centre for Civil Society Studies.
September 2013 The Arts Economy Conference: New Directions in an Age of Austerity Management School, The University of Sheffield, International Sociological Association, Research Committee Sociology of the Arts