Dr Karla Zimpel-Leal

Innovation Fellow

Room: Fourth Floor, Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS)
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 0172
Email: K.Zimpel-Leal@sheffield.ac.uk
Karla Zimpel Leal

My research is inspired by real world challenges that can inform both academia and industry. The current research is aligned to the UK’s Industrial Strategy grand challenge “Ageing Society”. I am examining business environments and assessing market conditions for quality-oriented Home Care (HC) providers in the UK, with the aim to enhance these businesses’ offer in providing sustainable quality services. By looking at emergent business models in HC, the aim is to advance innovation in the HC sector and strengthen skills development in the HC economy. By working closely with HC businesses, policy makers and regulators, it will develop a sustained engagement and tailored resources for these stakeholders and the wider HC environment.

My previous research project was on generative mechanisms of scientific knowledge transfer in the food industry, particularly on understanding how science addresses current food system challenges, how they are translated to industry, and ultimately to consumers. With an entrepreneurial spirit, I have paved my own road with a beekeeping business, and previously a bespoke retail business (clicks & mortar), as well as consulting in Procurement Management for organisations such as the Office of Communications, Local Council and Lotus Cars.

My academic degrees comprise a BA (Hons) in Business and International Trade from Unisinos, Brazil, an MSc (distinction) in Supply Chain Management and a PhD in Knowledge Transfer from the University of East Anglia, UK.


  • Business Model Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • Sustainability
  • Procurement Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management


  • Business Model Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • Home Care Sector
  • Public-Private Collaborations
  • Knowledge Transfer & Exchange
  • Food Industry
  • Critical Realism
  • Philosophy of Social Sciences
  • Reflexive Methodology
  • Process-tracing
  • Qualitative Research
  • Systematic Combining
  • Abductive Reasoning