Dr Nastaran Hajiheydari

University Teacher in Information and Operations Management

Room: C094
Phone: +44 (0)114 215 7180
Email: N.Hajiheydari@sheffield.ac.uk

Dr. Nastaran Hajiheydari is a University Teacher of Information and Operation Management at Sheffield University Management School, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. She is also the director of “Business Management Program” at Management School:


Her research focuses on Digitalization and Business Issues of Emerging Technologies, with a concentration on Strategic Business Value. Nastaran has published in “Information Systems”, “International Journal of E-Business Research”, “Information Research”, “International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing”, “International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising”, and “Foresight”.

Prior to joining Sheffield University Management School, Nastaran has worked as a Lecturer at York Business School, as a Visiting Professor at University of Valencia, and as a Tenure Associate Professor at University of Tehran, totally around 8 years. Before starting her academic career, her 7-years professional journey was concentrated on IT Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture Planning, and she has served as IT Consultancy Services Manager at Magfa for approximately 5 years.

Nastaran is keen to share her research and experience with industry and she has an extensive background in providing IT Management consulting services and delivering workshops to different industries including Courier Service, Securities and Exchange, Car Manufacturing, and Financial Service Providers. She also has been a member of Venture Capital committees to assess the ICT fundraising proposals, and supervisor of several IT projects especially Enterprise Research Planning and ICT Strategic Planning projects.

Academic Qualifications

• Ph.D. in System Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2010
• MSc in Information Technology Management University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2004
• BA in Industrial Management, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran, 2001

Teaching Interests

Nastaran's objective as a teacher is to motivate her students to develop their learning interests and critical thinking—to establish a learner-centered environment in the classroom. She follows active and collaborative learning approaches, and selects the content and activities that are both significant and thought-provoking so that students are stimulated to think about challenging issues and feel involved in their own learning process. Similarly, in class activities and discussions, she facilitates and helps students to focus on applications and problem-solving skills.

Nastaran is currently the Module Leader for MGT218 Business Intelligence and she co-teaches in MGT6227 The Intelligent Organization for MBA students. Based on her former experience, she is qualified to teach the following headlines:
• Contemporary Issues in the Digital Era
• Management Information systems
• E-Business and E-Commerce
• IT Project Management

Research Interests

Nastaran is an active researcher, who is enthusiastic in doing ground-breaking research in Digitalization and her research interest are:
• Digitalization and Digital Transformation
• Digital Business Models
• Digital Platforms and Sharing Economy
• Strategic Value of Information Systems
• Business Issues of Emergent Technologies

Ph.D. Supervision

Dr. Hajiheydari is ambitious about supervising passionate and hardworking Ph.D. students who are interested in Business Issues in Digital Era. Her current research focuses on emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, and Internet of Things and their contribution to value creation in businesses and for users. She is interested in the concept of digitalization as general and digital platforms and sharing economy as special, to understand both digital business model and users’ behavioural intention. Investigating the strategic value of information technologies in the business context and the effect of digital transformation in competitive advantage actualization is her other area of interest. She is also interested in and committed to working collaboratively across the schools to chase multi-disciplinary opportunities.

Industrial Research Grants

Based on her widespread industrial experience, Nastaran’s applied research has been funded by different institutes and organizations as follow:
• Principal Investigator of “Conceptual Design of Marketing Information System” Iran National Science Foundation (2016)
• Principal Investigator of “IT Master Planning for Bank Maskan applying Enterprise Architecture Approach” in Bank Maskan (2014-2015)
• Principal Investigator of “Identifying and modelling the executive process of research projects and providing a desirable and comprehensive research process for implementation at national level” Iran National Science Foundation 2013
• Project Manager of “Isfahan Province ICT Master Plan” (2010-2011)
• Principal Investigator of “Determination of Eligible Method for Pricing and Valuation of Know How in IDRO (2009-2010)
• Project Manager of “Market Research in ICT field and Determining Profitable Investment Opportunities” IDRO (2004-2005)

Selected Recent Publications

• Delgosha, M.S., Hajiheydari, N., Saadatmanesh, H. (2019) Semantic Structure of the "Business Analytics" Research: Applying Text Mining Methods. Journal of Information Research (In press)
• Dahka, Z.Y., Hajiheydari, N. Rouhani, S. (2019) User response to e-WOM in social networks: how to predict a content influence in Twitter. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising. ISSN 1477-5212 (In press)
• Hajiheydari N., Talafidaryani M., Khabiri S. Salehi M (2019) Business Model Analytics: Technically Review Business Model Research Domain. Foresight. DOI 10.1108/FS-01-2019-0002
• Hajiheydari N, Ashkani M.(2018) Mobile application user behavior in the developing countries: a survey in Iran Information Systems 77:22-33
• Hajiheydari N, Maskan BHH, Ashkani M. (2017) Factors affecting loyalty of mobile social networks' users International Journal of E-Business Research 13(1):66-81
• Sharifian H, Ashtiani MMD, Hajiheydari N. (2017) Applying data mining method for marketing purpose in social networks: case of Tebyan International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing 8(2):116-135
• Khakbaz, S.B, and Hajiheydari, N. (2015) Proposing a Basic Methodology for
Developing Balanced Scorecard by System Dynamics Approach" Kybernetes. Vol. 44 No. 6/7, 2015 pp. 1049-1066
• Hajiheydari, N, and Zarei KorKAbad.B. (2013) Developing and Manipulating Business Model Applying System Dynamic Approach. Journal of Modelling in Management Vol.8, No. 2 pp: 18-42.
• Hashemi, N, and Hajiheydari.N., (2012) "How brand awareness affects online purchase intention: considering the role of perceived risk." International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management Vol. 6, No. 3,4,. pp 274-291.

Conference Papers

• Hajiheydari, N., Talafidaryani, M. Khabiri S.H., “Toward a Knowledge Sharing-Aimed Virtual Enterprise” 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, Galicia, Spain, April 16 - 19, 2019.
• Hajiheydari, N., Talafidaryani, M. Khabiri S.H., “Big data IoT Value Map: How to Generate Value form IoT Data”, The 2nd International Conference on Information Management and Processing, Laxenburg, Austria, January 10-12, 2019
• Hajiheydari, N., Salehi,M. Goudarzi, A. “Optimizing Humanitarian Aids: Formulating Influencer Advertisement in Social Networks” PRO-VE 2018 Cardiff, UK, September 17-19, 2018
• Hajiheydari, N., Hazaveh,B. Ashkani, M “Sustainable selection of high-speed internet services: affected by internal and external factors (reputation and quality)” Third International Conference on Web Research, Tehran, April 19-20, 2017
• Tabatabaei, Fahimeh, and Hajiheydari, N. "Big Data Tools, Techniques and Technologies Looking at Insights in Smart Cities." 7th International Knowledge Management, Tehran, February 18-20, 2015.
• Zangenehnejad. N., and Hajiheydari, N. "An investigation into factors influencing learners’ participation in E-learning." ICELET 2012, Tehran, February 14-15, 2012.
• Maddah,M. , and Hajiheydari, N. "The Role of Process Owner on BPM-System Implementation Success." Ninth AIMS International Conference on Management, Pune, January 1-4, 2012.
• Mohammadi,F and Hajiheydari, N. "A Framework Correlating Decision Making Style and Business Intelligence Aspect." 3rd International Conference on e-Education e-Business e-Management and e-Learning, Hong Kong, January 5-7, 2012.
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• Soltani Delgosha, M., Abdollahi.A., and Hajiheydari, N, “Planning the future based on a sense making framework” First International Conference of Strategic Management. Tehran, Febuary 5-7, 2007


• Hajiheydari, N. and Saheb,T. (2011) “Know How Valuation, Importance, Approaches and Methods”. Industrial Management Institute of Iran (IMI)- In Persian
• Hajiheydari, N & Hoseini kia,A. (2015) “Business Model: from Concepts to Performance”. University of Tehran Press (UTP)- In Persian

Translated Books to Persian:

• Taheri, B, Narimani, F. & Hajiheydari, N. (2015) "ITIL Service Operation" Tehran: University of Tehran Press.
• Akbarzadeh, M, Narimani, F. & Hajiheydari, N. (2015) "ITIL Service Transition" Tehran: University of Tehran Press.
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• Hajiheydari, N, and Khakbaz.S.B (2013) "Data Mining- Techniques." University of Tehran press.
• Hajiheydari, N. and Shafiei.A. (2014) "Business Process Management Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations." University of Tehran Press.

Honors and Awards

• Rank 1st among Outstanding Graduates of B.S in University of Isfahan 2001
• Rank 1st among Outstanding Graduates of M.S and PhD in University of Tehran 2004 and 2010
• Top Industrial grant in faculty of Management of University of Tehran in 2014
• Winner of Applied Research Project Award in University of Tehran 2016