Dr Daragh O’Reilly

Senior Lecturer in Creative and Cultural Industries

Room: D038
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3442
Email: d.t.oreilly@sheffield.ac.uk
Dr Daragh OReilly photograph    

Daragh O’Reilly is Senior Lecturer in Creative and Cultural Industries. He joined the Management School in 2006, having previously worked at the Universities of Leeds and Bradford. Before joining academia, he worked in a range of line and consultancy roles in international sales and marketing.


Daragh is committed to challenging and supporting students’ independent learning. He places an emphasis on the acquisition of research, analytical and argumentation skills, as these are important for contemporary students seeking to enter the arts business world. In the classroom, he uses a mix of theoretical inputs, discussion of multimedia and print cases, and original tutorial exercises. His teaching is based on research, as well as significant business, sales and marketing experience. Daragh's usual teaching assignments are on the MSc in Creative and Cultural Industries programme, namely:

  • MGT6125 Cultural Marketing, in the Autumn semester

During the academic year 2016/17, he will be on sabbatical in Semester 1.


Daragh is a board member of Third Angel, the Sheffield-based contemporary performance company .
He is also non-executive Chair of Wildscapes, a community interest company wholly owned by Sheffield Rotherham Wildlife Trust.


Daragh’s primary interest is in the relationships between artists, markets, consumption and culture. His current work is focusing on artist biographies, classic albums, arts branding, and the artistic/literary imagination.

He is currently co-supervising PhD studies by:

  • Ian Townsend: British-Library-funded oral history study of music piracy culture in the 1990s.
  • Rachel Perry: Risk, innovation and leadership in UK ProAm theatre.
  • Matt Willett: The impact of university culture/climate on academics approaches to entrepreneurialism.
  • Stella So: Luxury brand consumption in China.
  • Sonia Iun: Museum branding in Macao.


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