Professor Sabur Mollah

Chair in Financial Management

Room: C087
Phone: +44 (0)114 215 7184
Prof Sabur Mollah  

Sabur Mollah holds a Chair in Financial Management at Sheffield University Management School. He worked as a Professor of Accounting and Finance at Swansea University and as Professor of Finance at the University of Hull before joining the University of Sheffield. He previously held academic positions at Bournemouth University, Stockholm University, University of Botswana, University of Dhaka, and University of Leeds. Sabur held several administrative roles in the past, including Member of Senate, Head of School, Director of Research etc. Sabur obtained his BCOM (Honours in Finance, 1st Class) and MCOM (Finance, 1st Class) from University of Dhaka, PhD in Corporate Finance from University of Leeds, and Docent in Business Administration (specialization in Corporate Finance) from Stockholm University. He has published extensively on issues surrounding corporate governance, market reactions to dividend policy, and market condition and investor behaviour.

Sabur has raised around £500,000 in external grants from Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse Tore Browaldhs Foundation, NASDAQ-OMX Nordic Foundation, VINNOVA Foundation. His papers have appeared in world-leading and internationally excellent journals, including the Journal of Accounting and Economics, the Journal of Corporate Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Financial Stability etc. He has been serving the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of Financial Stability, and Journal of Business Ethics an ad hoc reviewer.


  • Shift in boardroom dynamics in implementing SDGs via responsible business practices
  • Responsible banking and UN financial initiative
  • Inclusion in the workplace, employee welfare, diversity and equality, and worker representation in the boardroom
  • Female board member and gender pay gap
  • Role of independent director and boardroom dynamics
  • Executive attributes and change in boardroom dynamics
  • Child labour, low paid worker, and outsourcing in developing countries
  • Outsourcing CO2 emission to the developing countries
  • Responsible business and climate finance


Sabur’s passion is to master the art of engaging students in a structured process so that it fosters their critical thinking ability, help develops their problem-solving ability, and facilitates their acquisitions of life-long learning skills. Sabur believes that every student has the ability to succeed, but some of them need appropriate guidance to climb the ladder to success. He also believes that every student is unique, so they deserve activities that are engaging their strengths. Sabur poses challenging questions that helps them develop their creativity. He creates co-operative, fairer, and flexible classroom environment so that his students can think positively and discover what they think and feel better for the world. Sabur teaches Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance modules. He is leading an MBA module on Corporate Finance (MGT6340).


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Vallascas, F., Mollah, S., and Keasey, K. (2017). 'Does the Impact of Board Independence on Large Bank Risks Change After the Global Financial Crisis?' Journal of Corporate Finance, 44, 149-166 (ABS 4).

Mollah, S., Al-Farooque, O., Mobarek, A., and Molyneux, P. (2019). Bank Corporate Governance and Future Earnings Predictability. Journal of Financial Services Research (ABS 3).

Chowdhury, A., Mollah, S., and Al-Farooque, O. (2018). Insider Trading, Earnings Management and Information Asymmetry. The British Accounting Review 50, 341-363 (ABS 3).

Mollah, S., Hassan, K., Al-Farooque, O., and Mobarek, A. (2017). 'The Governance, Risk-taking, and Performance of Islamic Banks', Journal of Financial Services Research, 51, 195-217 (ABS 3). DOI 10.1007/s10693-016-0245-2.

Mollah, S., and Liljeblom, E. (2016). 'Governance and Bank Characteristics in the Credit and Sovereign Debt Crises – What is Different?' Journal of Financial Stability, 27, 59-73 (ABS 3).

Mobarek, A., Muradoglu, G., Mollah, S., and Hou, A.J. (2016). 'Determinants of Time Varying Co-movements among International Stock Markets during Crisis and Non-Crisis Periods', Journal of Financial Stability, 24, 1-11 (ABS 3).

Mollah, S., Quoreshi, S., and Zafirov, G. (2016). Equity Market Contagion during Global and Eurozone Crises, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions, and Money 41, 151-167 (ABS 3).

Mollah, S., and Zaman, M. (2015). Shari’ah Supervision, Corporate Governance and Performance: Conventional vs. Islamic Banks. Journal of Banking and Finance 58, 418–435 (ABS 3).

Liljeblom, E., Mollah, S., and Rotter, P. (2015). Do dividends signal future earnings in the Nordic stock markets? Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting 44(3), 493-511 (ABS 3). DOI 10.1007/s11156-013-0415-3

Mobarek, A., Mollah, S., and Keasey, K. (2014). A Cross-Country Analysis of Herd Behavior in Europé. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 32, 107-127 (ABS 3).

Key Projects

Title Awarding Body Dates Key People Amount
Cyber Risk and Bank Stability: Global Evidence Taylor’s University Flagship Research, Malaysia 2017 - to date Dr Md. Hamid Uddin (PI) and Prof Sabur Mollah (Co-PI) £32,000
The co-dependence between bank and sovereign risk in Europe and the potential benefits of a banking union VINNOVA Research Foundation 2013 - 2015 Dr Asma Mobarek (PI) and Prof Sabur Mollah (Co-PI) £18,000
IFRS and Market Efficiency: Studying the Impact of IFRS Adoption on Market Efficiency around the World Jan Wallanders Och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse Tore Browaldhs Foundation 2011 - 2016 Prof. Sabur Mollah (PI), Dr. Waresul Karim and Prof. Tony van Zijl £180,000
Cross-country Random Walk Hypothesis and Mean Reverting Long-Memory Properties of Stock Returns: Does the duration for mean reversion varies in equity returns between Pre, during and Post Crisis period? NASDAQ-OMX Nordic Foundation 2011 - 2016 Prof. Sabur Mollah £45,000
Corporate Governance Failure of Large Banks during Global Financial Crisis Jan Wallanders Och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse Tore Browaldhs Foundation 2010 - 2016 Prof. Sabur Mollah (PI)
Dr. Waresul Karim
Contagion and Co-integration in Financial Markets during Financial Crisis NASDAQ-OMX Nordic Foundation 2009 - 2016 Prof. Sabur Mollah (PI) £45,000

Professional Activities and Recognition

Editorial Board Member: International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance

Guest Editor: Studies in Economics and Finance

Membership: American Finance Association; Financial Management Association International; British Accounting and Finance Association; British Academy of Management

Ad Hoc Referee: Journal of Banking and Finance; Journal of Financial Services Research; Journal of Financial Stability; European Financial Management; Journal of International Financial Market, Institutions, and Money; The European Journal of Finance; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; International Review of Financial Analysis; Corporate Governance: An International Review

Conference Organization: Program Committee Member: Southern Finance Association Meeting 2010 & 2011, Nordic Academy of Management Conference 2011, Eastern Finance Association 2012 Meeting, Financial Management Association International 2019 Annual Conference.

Track Chair: Market Microstructure Track, Nordic Academy of Management Conference 2011, 2013

External Examiner: University of Liverpool