Dr Steven Pattinson

Senior University Teacher in Strategy

Room: Western Bank Villas
Phone: (0)114 222 3241
Email: steven.pattinson@sheffield.ac.uk
Dr Steven Pattinson  


Steven Pattinson is a Senior University Teacher in Strategy at Sheffield University
Management School. He received his PhD from Teesside University. His portfolio of
activities and responsibilities not only encompasses teaching and learning, but also research
(both funded and contract research projects), business engagement, enterprise, employability
and consultancy. He has also supervised two doctoral students to completion. He is the case
study editor for the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is an
editorial review board member for Industrial Marketing Management.


As a research active, teaching focused academic, Steven recognizes the importance of
providing students with a rich learning experience by using both disciplinary and pedagogic
research in his teaching. Steven views academic knowledge and practice as inseparable, with
empowerment a key factor to learning, and therefore seeks to create productive learning
environments using ‘real life’ case studies.


Steven’s primary research interest a focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation in science-
based, high technology SMEs. He has a secondary research interest in the area of social
enterprise. He has published in leading journals including Management Learning, Journal of
Management Inquiry, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Small Business
Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, Local Economy and International Journal
of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has worked on a number of research projects in
economic development and social enterprise funded by the Arts and Humanities Research
Council, Institute for Local Governance, Gateshead Council, National Offender Management
Service (North East) and Enterprise Educators UK.

PhD supervision

Steven is interested in supervising research projects in the areas of entrepreneurship and
innovation, particularly those with a focus on science-based, high-tech SMEs or social

Recent publications

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Pattinson, S. (2019). Understanding effectual decision-making in a science-based business:
The case of Hart Biologicals, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and
Innovation, 20 (1), 65-71.
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