Dr Ut Na Sio

Lecturer in Work Psychology

Room: B022
Phone: +44 (0)114 215 7194
Email: U.N.Sio@sheffield.ac.uk
Ut Na Sio


I am a Lecturer in Work Psychology. Before joining the Management School in 2019, I was an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the Education University of Hong Kong.

I completed my PhD at Lancaster University, UK and my postdoctoral training at Carnegie Mellon University, US. My program of research focuses on identifying the cognitive factors that influence individual and group problem solving, particularly for problems requiring creativity and innovation. I also examine how solutions to these problems can be facilitated through the use of different approaches, e.g., incubation, sleep, and task-switching.

Research Interests

My primary research focuses on examining cognitive processes underlying creative problem solving, and identifying ways to manipulate these processes to facilitate creative thinking at both individual and group levels.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising students in the following areas:
Creative problem solving
Group Cognition
Interruptions (e.g., breaks/ task-switching) and Problem Solving Performance

Selected Recent Publications

Sio, U. N., Kotovsky, K., & Cagan, J. (2018). Silence is golden: The effect of verbalization on group performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(6), 939.

Sio, U. N., Kotovsky, K., & Cagan, J. (2017). The Facilitating Role of Task Alternation on Group Idea Generation. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 6(4), 486-495.

Sio, U. N., Kotovsky, K., & Cagan, J. (2015). Fixation or inspiration? A meta-analytic review of the role of examples on design processes. Design Studies, 39, 70-99.

Sio, U. N., Monaghan, P., & Ormerod, T. (2013). Sleep on it, but only if it is difficult: effects of sleep on problem solving. Memory & cognition, 41(2), 159-166.

Sio, U. N., & Ormerod, T. C. (2009). Does incubation enhance problem solving? A meta-analytic review. Psychological bulletin, 135(1), 94.