Emeritus Professor Peter Warr

Emeritus Professor

Room: E010
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3231
Email: P.Warr@sheffield.ac.uk
Peter Warr photograph  

Peter Warr is an Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Work Psychology.

Areas of Expertise

  • Factors influencing happiness and unhappiness
  • Motivation, personality and behaviour
  • Age differences in employment


  • Worker happiness and unhappiness
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Self-employed workers’ motives and happiness
  • Person-job fit


  • BA, University of Cambridge
  • PhD, University of Sheffield
  • Spearman Medal of the British Psychological Society for distinguished research
  • Presidents’ Award of the British Psychological Society for outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge
  • Chartered Psychologist

Professional Affiliations

  • Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • Fellow of the International Association of Applied Psychology
  • Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Foreign Affiliate of the American Psychological Association

Some Recent Publications

More than 230 articles and 30 books. Some of the titles are at Google Scholar, and additional details are here. Earlier themes are described in an interview here.

Recent illustrations and clickable links to their content are:

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