Criteria for The Dean's List

Employable Students

Demonstrating a progressive approach to growth in your own employability skills.

Dean's List Winners Trophies 2019

  • ES1: Demonstrating active pursuit of improving own career prospects, resulting in growth in skills and experience likely to be valued by a prospective employer.

  • ES2: Demonstrating active pursuit of improving own interpersonal skills and emotional well-being in order to be prepared for the complexities of working life.

  • ES3: Demonstrating proactive approach to gaining exposure to the world of work in preparation for future employability.

Personal attributes which may be part of this success would include:

  • Creating new opportunities for the employer.
  • Displaying a positive attitude to work, showing how this has made a difference.
  • Using your own initiative to sell or influence new strategies and ideas.
  • Displaying resilience and courage in the face of personal or professional challenges.

There have been specific projects, campaigns or areas of responsibility in a workplace environment that you have made significant achievements - personally and to the employer.

Evidence that you might use to back-up this criteria include securing a graduate level role, completing a one-year placement or an internship.