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What I've enjoyed most about the course is the wide range of subjects covered. I've particularly enjoyed the marketing and branding modules.


What made me choose the University of Sheffield was the great experience I had on the open day. Sheffield has loads of green spaces and the facilities here are really perfect for me.


Liam Hulmes, MSc Marketing Management Practice

 Anahita Kumar

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One of my main reasons for coming to Sheffield University Management School was the fact that the School has a Triple Crown accreditation and is a very reputable School.  To graduate from such a highly accredited School and University adds extra value to my degree.


The way we are taught here is different from the way I have been taught in India so the new experiences have been enlightening.


Anahita Kumar (India) - MSc Management (InternationAL BUSINESS) 

It was important to me that my masters was business orientated and would ensure high chances of employability.


There are countless opportunities to boost your CV and to increase your employability at the Management School; including at the Employability Hub, networking events, and the oppportunity to do a company-based dissertation.


Chiara Dalla Libera (Italy) - MSc Creative and Cultural IndustrieS MANAGEMENT



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    Costas Rigas 

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I was intrigued by the world class reputation of Sheffield University Management School and greatly motivated by its mission and vision.


The most important reason why I chose Sheffield University and the Management School is the attitude towards critical thinking and challenging real-world situations with research.


Constantinos Rigas (Cyprus) - MSc Human Resource Management

I have really enjoyed the broad range of modules within my course, they have enabled me to gain an insight into the different areas of the field.


The interactive and practical elements of the lectures have been stimulating and inspiring, and helped develop my communication and critical thinking skills.


Jessica Pickard (UK) - MSc Occupational Psychology


Occupational Psychology Sheffield

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Employers value a business-related masters and work experience.  The company-based dissertation was therefore a winning factor for me in choosing the Manangement School.


Since graduating I have secured a place on the much sought after area-management graduate scheme for Aldi. My dreams are achievable thanks to the skills I have learnt here at the Management School.


Shaheen Chaudry (UK) - MSc ManagemenT

I have been most impressed with the experience level of the lecturers here. They support theories with real-world examples that they have experienced personally. This puts context into a lot of the material we are taught.


I chose Sheffield University Management School because of the name and prestige of the School and University. I believe that the reputation of your school gives you an upper hand in a competitive job application process.


Paapa Korankye-Ankrah  (Ghana) - MScManagemenT



Paapa Korankye-Ankrah

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Leen B

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I decided to pursue my postgraduate studies after I realised that I have a passion for operations and supply chains in general.


The School's reputation played a major role in my choice, the University is among the top ranked universities worldwide and the School is Triple Crown accredited. I believe that this will open more doors within my career in the future.


Leen Batrawi (Lebanon) - MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

When I was researching universities, the University of Sheffield was recommended by my marketing supervisor at undergraduate level, because his former company has sent managerial candidates to the University.


The course and modules are all very well designed. Tutorials are well planned so we can obtain the essential knowledge and learn how to apply our knowledge and skills to actual business situations.


Norihiro Yoshitome(Japan) - MSc Management (International Business)



Norihiro Yoshitome

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The Creative and Cultural Industries Management course is very unique, and the course environment is great.


I like the quality and the content of the lectures, and we have many field trips to creative and cultural organisations like theatres, museums and heritage sites which make us understand better the concepts and issues we discuss in the lectures.


Monica Ruiz Vargas (Mexico) - MSc Creative and Cultural Industries Management

The seminars within my modules are really interesting. During seminars we are able to discuss certain subjects, issues or case studies with our classmates.


We deepen our learning by exchanging different ideas, and we get one-to-one communication with the tutors, which helps to answer questions we’ve thought of in the lecture.


Cindy Chu (Taiwan) - MSc Marketing Management Practice


Cindy Chu

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