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The Management School's status as a leading school in the world (Triple Crown accreditation) was a major factor that affected my decision to study at the University of Sheffield. Knowing that my degree is highly valued in my home country, Kenya and in the rest of the world was a satisfying thought to have.


While studying here, I definitely saw why the Management School is held in such high prestige. The course content has helped me to think much more logically and in a critical manner.

Titus Kuhora, BA Business Management

The degree structure offers just the right flexibility.

Since my modules mean I am exempt from a number of professional accountancy exams, I feel like I'm getting a headstart in my career.

May Than Thar Cho, BA Accounting and financial management

Student May Than Thar Cho

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Elise McDonald

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The main reason I chose the Sheffield University Management School was because of the uniqueness of the International Business Management course to study abroad in your second year and the ability to also complete a placement year.

The thing I love most about Sheffield is how student friendly it is!

Elise McDonald, BA International Business Management

The University of Sheffield has a great reputation and is a well-respected university, which is reflected in the various international rankings. The management school's triple crown accreditation made the decision a lot easier, too.

The fact that Sheffield offers a top-notch degree in a city that is student-friendly, green and affordable made the university appealing.

Lars Kjøllesdal, BA Accounting and financial management

Lars Kjoellesdal

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Rosalie Williams

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I completed a placement year at Iceland Foods that allowed me to put what I’d learnt at university into practice.

When I finished my Supply Planner role, I knew that this was the area of work that I wanted to specialise in, so I had the ability to tailor my final year modules to support this.

Rosalie Williams, BA Business Management

The Employability Hub at the Management School has been an integral source of information and training opportunities.

The most enjoyable aspect of my programme is the level of flexibility given in 2nd and 3rd year to choose the direction one would like to take in terms of choosing modules

Clemvio Hodge, BA Business Management

Clemvio Hodge

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I chose to study BA Business Management as it offers a great deal of variety in terms of the modules you can study, and gives a great overview of business as a whole.

When applying to university I was not sure which area of business I wished to specialise in, and therefore this course provided the opportunity to get experience in different aspects of business, from areas such as finance and strategy, to human resources and marketing.

Naomi Foster, BA BusinesS MANAGEMENT

Naomi Foster

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The Employability Hub in the Management School provides excellent facilities to help you with decisions for the future. They offer one-on-one appointments, which are friendly and informative in helping with any questions you have about placements and graduate jobs, etc.

The course itself has given me a great underlying knowledge of the finance industry, with an insight into accounting and management. After graduation I plan on entering into the finance service industry.

Hannah Jones, BA Accounting And Financial Management



Hannah Jones

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The communication between the University and myself was probably the thing that really set it above the other places I visited. I attended three Sheffield open days and by the end of them I felt every question I had was answered.

This sort of communication is carried on when you arrive – there has never been a moment where I’ve been in doubt about any decision I’ve had to make whilst at the University.

Alex Martinsmith, BA Business Management


Alex Martinsmith

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Claudia Sorescu

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Many lecturers will bring in guest speakers to hold lectures of their own. Sometimes they’re entrepreneurs teaching you how to overcome the obstacles they faced, and sometimes they’re the person who ran the latest global marketing campaign for Jaguar Land Rover. 

Whoever they are, you’re sure to get some great practical advice from them.

claudia Sorescu, BA Business Management


Sheffield University and the Management School are keen to promote involvement in extra-curricular activities. Exposure to charity work, volunteering and other opportunities is high.

I have been involved in a charity trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, I am the treasurer for the Sheffield Management Society and have been involved in other organisations such as AIESEC. All of which have enabled me to build on skills that will be of paramount importance when applying to jobs.

Christopher MorgaN, BA Business Management


Christopher Morgan

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Tom Jarvis, student at Sheffield University Management School

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A trip to Sheffield introduced me to friendly locals, a really proud city, and a University with real identity  – something which I can really identify with.

The University's Student’s Union has been voted the best for 10 years (Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey). 

There is also a huge support network, from your academic societies to accommodation mentors there is lots of support to help you on your way throughout university.

Tom Jarvis, BA Accounting And Financial ManagemenT


The Management School's reputation as a Triple Crown accreditated School was a key factor in choosing to study here, as it's important to get a degree from the best institution possible.

The University of Sheffield is also part of the Russell Group which is a respected group and means the University does world-leading research, meaning the teaching will always be up-to-date and applicable.

Jamie Lloyd, BA Business Management

Jamie Lloyd

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