Getting a head start in my career

May Than Thar Cho, BA Accounting and financial management
May Than Thar Cho
SUMS alumni
BA Accounting and Financial Management
May explains how the BA Accounting and Financial Management will kick-start her career with exemptions from various professional bodies.
May Than Thar Cho (centre) talking with two other students

Why did you choose your programme?

The structure of the degree offers just the right flexibility; allowing me to design my own course in accordance with my personal interests whilst ensuring I do not lose sight of the most fundamental principles in Accounting and Finance.

First year consists of a large number of core modules but from second year onwards, there is much greater flexibility in the choice of modules. In addition to this, the Accounting and Financial Management Programme at the University of Sheffield exempts me from a number of exams within various professional qualifications, which I believe would grant me a head start in my career.

The degree structure offers just the right flexibility. Since my modules mean I am exempt from a number of professional accountancy exams, I feel like I'm getting a head start in my career.

May Than Thar Cho

BA Accounting and Financial Management

What have you most enjoyed about the programme?

I enjoyed that the course consists of a wide range of modules which are not limited solely to accounting and financial management. Modules such as Business Economics and Behaviour at Work, though not directly related to accounting, are useful in equipping us with knowledge and skills that can be applied later on in our careers and allows us to explore other areas of related fields of study.
I also liked that the assessment and teaching methods throughout the entire programme is well-balanced, with a mixture of exams, coursework and group work, tutorials and seminars. This way, I was able to attempt different preparation methods to find out what works best for me. The way the course was delivered also encouraged me to engage in self-study and become a more independent learner.

Have any modules on your course really stood out from the rest?

MGT140 Business Challenges was a module that stood out from the rest.

This was a student-led module with very little formal teaching, where we were put in groups and assigned different challenges. I view this as a very practical module that gives us the opportunity to apply what we have learnt in class to real-life situations. It offered a very effective hands-on approach to work practices and teaches us to become independent learners and effective teamworkers. This type of learning environment challenges us and encourages us to think out of the box, which I find very useful and different compared to other modules.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

The course has been overall very enjoyable and informative for me. Lecturers have been extremely helpful and open to questions, both during and after lectures and in their respective office hours.

The first year of the programme has offered the perfect environment to transition from A Levels to university-level studies. Getting to find out more about different areas within the subject has also urged me to discover more about my interests in these different areas and gave me a guideline in terms of my module choices and career interests in the forthcoming years.

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