Editorial style guide - E

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See Compass points


No full stop. Use a comma before.

We offer part-time courses in a range of subjects, eg computing, languages and the environment

Try using including or for example instead.

We offer part-time courses in a range of subjects, including computing, languages and the environment

ellipsis (...)

Ellipsis marks indicate a pause in speaking or an omission of one or more words. Ellipsis marks should not be used unless they are part of a direct quotation.


Not hyphenated. When referring to a University email address in print or online, always write sheffield in full, not shef.

Other e-words such as e-commerce and e-learning should be hyphenated.

Email links in online documents should be the email address.

Send enquiries to admissions@sheffield.ac.uk
Send enquiries to the admissions office

See also web addresses

en-dash (–)

Longer than a hyphen. Has a different function. Use an en-dash without spaces when there is a distinction in meaning between two words:

Labour–Liberal alliance

and to replace to in numerical ranges:

people aged 55–60
pages 25–30

Use a pair of en-dashes with spaces in the same way that you‟d use brackets to indicate parentheses:

Four of the halls – Earnshaw, Halifax, Sorby and Stephenson – are close to one another.

Energy 2050

Two words, not one.

Engineering Heartspace

Lectures take place in the Engineering Heartspace. 


No full stop.

Try to avoid – use including, include.

exclamation mark (!)



One word.