Editorial style guide - I

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An abbreviation of the Latin id est meaning that is. As with eg, no full stop is necessary. Use a comma before. Try to avoid.

innovation district

Lower case initials.


Upper case initial. Not INSIGNEO.


See flagships.


Try not to use institution as a substitute for university, as it can cause confusion.


Falls into the category of words that have lost their potency through overuse. Anything that is described as interesting will certainly not arouse the interest of your readers.

International Faculty

Title case. Or write the full name: International Faculty, CITY College.

international students

Lower case initial.


Lower case initial. Don't use world wide web to describe the internet.

Intro Week

Upper case initials. Not freshers' week.

–ise or –ize

Use -ise rather than -ize in words such as organise, specialise and finalise. The only exception we can think of is capsize.


Try to avoid, unless referring to book titles or certain foreign words/terms.

See also Fonts

it's or its

It's means it is.

The possessive its doesn't need an apostrophe:

The university has redesigned its logo.

See also apostrophes