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Latin plurals

Some are so common that we don't realise they are plurals: alumni, data, criteria. Some can sound pedantic and put the reader off.

fora – use forums
formulae – use formulas
syllabi – use syllabuses

See also foreign words and expressions

learning and teaching

When talking generally about learning and teaching use sentence case

The University prioritises excellent learning and teaching across all departments.

In titles, for example on a web page story headline, use sentence case

Learning and teaching at the University wins award

You can shorten to L&T where space is limited, for example on social media or a web page carousel

Take a look at our exciting new L&T projects

Use title case when talking about the Learning and Teaching Strategy

The new Learning and Teaching Strategy outlines our ambitions for 2016–2021.

You can shorten to L&T Strategy where space is limited, for example on social media or a web page carousel

Download our new L&T Strategy

You can also shorten to L&T Strategy in longer documents but always write it out in full the first time it appears

This project forms an important part of the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy (L&T Strategy). The L&T Strategy is based on several key principles.

left wing

As a noun use: left wing, the left, leftwinger

He is a proud leftwinger.

He has positioned himself on the left wing of the party.

As an adjective use: rightwing

She had the most extreme, leftwing views.

liaise and liaison

Note the spelling. Some spell-checking functions get this wrong.


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