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Lower case initials for first world war and second world war. Not WW2, World War Two or World War 2.

The survey is first of its kind since the second world war.

We Are International

Three words and title case. As a hashtag, use #WeAreInternational

web addresses

In print

Check that the web address works if typed in without http://www. at the start. If it does, then you can omit the http://www.

If the web address doesn't work then you may need to add www. to the start.

Always type 'sheffield' in full. Never use the shortened shef.ac.uk version.

In print publications, designed in-house or by an approved agency, web addresses are underlined so addresses containing underscores should be avoided if possible.

Very rarely, a web address may be too long to fit on one line due to the set column width of a publication, and has to be continued on a second line. If no shorter alternative link is available, this is acceptable. Take care not to split any one element of the address over two lines.


Use descriptive links on your web pages instead of writing out the web address in full. A descriptive link should tell the person browsing your site what to expect on the destination page. Avoid using 'click here'.

When writing a web address in an online document such as a PDF or Word document, always make it into a hyperlink rather than plain text, so the link can easily be followed.

web page

Two separate words, no hyphen.


One word, the w is lower case unless it begins a sentence.


See compass points


Not Wi-Fi.