Our Sheffield Story

Our Sheffield Story is a fourteen-slide presentation designed to give audiences a snapshot of who we are and what we stand for, from information on our history and teaching to notable alumni and recent news headlines.

Our Sheffield Story has been put together in response to regular requests made to Corporate Communications for the latest figures or line to take.

The purpose of these slides is to give you confidence that the messaging you are using in your presentations is current and consistent. Download the slides (PowerPoint, 42MB)

You can also download the speaker notes (Word, 23KB) to help you with your presentation. 

Some hints and tips:

  • To use the slides, they must be opened in PowerPoint. This is because they have been developed with various images and animation, which will only display properly in PowerPoint.
  • When presenting, you only need to click once between slides; the animation will automatically run and bring up the slide content.
  • Think about whether Our Sheffield Story in its entirety would suit your audience; if not, you could remove slides which aren't quite right, or else borrow some of the messages to use in your own presentation.

If you have a questions or would like to make a suggestion, please email: internalcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk