Interested in commissioning a video?

Recruiting students

If you are thinking of creating a video to help recruit students, then your first point of contact should be your faculty representative in the Recruitment Support team.

They'll work out how this fits in with your faculty and department recruitment strategy and then work out how best to go about commissioning a video.

Recruitment Support contacts

External agencies

We have a roster of approved video production agencies who are able to create videos. They each understand the University brand and know how to apply our visual identity.

Approved external agencies

Video guidelines

These guidelines will help you recruit and brief an agency, and offer advice on what to look out for when creating a video.

Briefing an agency: video guidelines (PDF, 151KB)

Important: data protection

According to the Data Protection Act, video images can be defined as personal data. Using film footage of people without their consent could expose the University to a legal claim or damage our reputation.

When filming individuals or small groups, ask everyone to complete a data protection agreement. When filming under 18s, you must obtain full parental permission before starting to film. Afterwards, file the forms in a safe place at work. Data protection forms for under and over 18s can be downloaded from this page.

If you're taking filming a large group such as a lecture, it is usually acceptable for the videographer to verbally ask for permission to film the group. People will then have the opportunity to opt out.

You're unlikely to need data protection approval from a person included in a video incidentally, for example, when a person is not central to a video that is filmed in a crowded place.