Stephenson and Blake fonts

The two typefaces

The Stephenson serif font is a modified version of a design by Sheffield company Stephenson & Blake Co. Typefounders, established in 1818. At the height of Sheffield's power as a producer of steel, Stephenson & Blake was the world´s largest manufacturer of metal type.

Sir Henry Stephenson, co-owner, was one of the University's founding fathers. In 1895, he became part of a hugely important movement that saw the wealthy and the powerful join forces with the ordinary working people of the city to create a university for the good
of everyone.

Stephenson and its sans serif companion Blake, were chosen with the assistance of the National Type Museum in London and redrawn for us by renowned type experts House Style Graphics. In their modernised, digitised form, they are the copyright property of the University of Sheffield - our unique signature, our hallmark, our stamp.

You can download the fonts to install on your computer from our downloads pages:

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