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By downloading these logos you are deemed to have read and accepted the University's terms and conditions of use.

Terms and conditions for using the University logo

© The University of Sheffield 2018

The University logo is available for download to University of Sheffield staff strictly on the following terms:

  1. That it is used only in circumstances permitted within, and in accordance with, the conditions of the University's Visual Identity Guidelines
  2. That it is not altered or distorted in any way
  3. That it is not used in any way that could reasonably be construed as misrepresenting the University's relationship with any organisation or individual.

Please respect the University's visual identity and support its consistent application by ensuring that our logo is always used correctly.

You should send a proof (print-out or file) prior to finalising any use of the logo. It is important we ensure the logo is being reproduced correctly and consistently across the University.

Primary logo

For the vast majority of applications, the primary logo should always be used.

Graphic - Prime

Keyline primary logo

If you need to use the logo against a white background, always use the version with the keyline around the white panel.

Graphic - Keyline

Linear primary logo

If you’re printing in one colour, you can use a one-colour logo.

Graphic - Linear

Reversed primary logo

If you’re printing in one colour on a contrasting background, you can use the reversed logo.

Graphic - Reversed