Dos and don'ts

The following examples show how to and how not to use the University's logo.

Correct use of the shield

This is the correct use of the shield as displayed on a University publication.

Correct use of shield

Altering the size of the logo

Don't enlarge a smaller logo (jpg format) to make a larger size* as the quality of the image will deteriorate. Choose an appropriate size initially and always reduce down as required.

* An exception to this is the eps file format version of the logo which is limitlessly rescalable.

Don't distort or manipulate the shape, dimensions and proportions of the logo.

In these examples, the width of the image has been stretched, contracted and then pinched to distort the original dimensions.

Avoid trying to enlarge the shield. Reduce the size of a larger image to produce a better image quality
Three examples of distortion of the University logo.

The colours of the logo

Don't alter the colours within the logo*

* Exceptions to this are amending the black and white version for use in reduced one or two-colour projects. If one colour, it should be either black or of dark hue. If two-colour, one of which should be dark, then this should be used for the logo.

Two examples of incorrect use of colours for the logo

Animation of the logo

Do not animate the logo in any way.

An animated logo is available for use on video as an intro and outro. (INSERT LINK)

Example of motion blur caused by animating the logo

Positioning of logo and logotype

Don't alter the positioning or relationship between the shield and the logotype.

Examples of incorrect relationship between the logo and the logotype

One or two-colour reproduction

Don't use the full colour (rgb or cmyk) version of the logo for a one or two colour reproduction. A specific version exists for this purpose. (INSERT LINK)

Elements of the logo

Don't use any element of the logo in isolation, or remove the white background panel.

These examples show incorrect uses: the shield on its own; the shield on its own and in a blue circle; and the logotype on its own.

A special version of the shield is available for use as a social media avatar.

Examples: The shield and logotype should not be used on their own, or put on different boxes or backgrounds

Visual effects on the logo

Don't apply any visual effects, change colours or attempt to enhance the logo (eg. embossing, drop shadows, filters or blurred edges).
Examples of effects not to be applied to the logo