Date Update

Image of someone going up an escalatorWelcome to Sheffield!

Are you concerned about the maths or stats that you might encounter? Why not take a look at our Transitions Resources. Here you'll find lots of resources to help you get a head start.


Image of multiple choice questionsDid you know that MASH can help you with numerical reasoning tests for job applications. Why not check out our numerical reasoning resources page or book a 1-1 to discuss the tests


Image of the R package logoWe've been adding to our resources, including a series of short introductory videos to R! Check out our R resources page to find out more


The first slide of the maths anxiety online resource.What is maths anxiety and how can you combat it? Have a look at our maths anxiety online resource to learn some strategies and advice on how to become more comfortable with mathematics and statistics!


Stats carousel resources in MASH space

Image of one of the stats carousel in the MASH spaceThe paper carousel resources for stats that are in the MASH space are now available. Next stop is the digitisation of more of both our maths and stats our materials including our SPSS workshops. Watch this space!


Maths carousel resources in MASH space

Image of one of the maths carousels in the MASH spaceWe've been working really hard to get all of the paper resources on the carousels in the MASH space online. You can access the full maths carousel resources at the link above! Check back later in the week for the stats carousel resources


Our tutors are now fully briefed on delivering digital 1:1s! You can book in for online for either a maths or stats tutorial over on our online form. Don't forget that you can also access tonnes of online resources too!

A screenshot of the form used to book a digital 1:1.


We've been making sure our tutors are fully equipped for the upcoming digital 1:1s. All of our paper resources found on the carousels in the MASH space are being uploaded to the site. We hope to have these available in the next few days!


Today we set up a form to allow you to book an online 1:1 tutorial. We've briefed the tutors and will be doing practice sessions with them to ensure we all have the resources to make this work from home and over the next few days we'll be working on making this process operational

Blackboard collaborate image


First update! We have been working hard to find the best ways to support you during the current situation. Today, we have successfully set up Blackboard Collaborate in order to deliver 1:1s digitally. Our tutor Valentine gave a quick review of his initial thoughts on the system.

Intro to Blackboard Collaborate

For all enquiries, feedback or comments you can use our contact form or email us: mash@sheffield.ac.uk