Information for students doing research

Reseach_students_croppedMASH is a resource for all students. We are here to support you if you are having issues understanding either mathematics or statistics and it is acting as a barrier to progression.

However, we are not a consultancy service and are unable to give advice on the most appropriate analytical technique to use for your research data. This is something that you should decide in discussion with your supervisory team. This includes sample size calculations: we do not perform sample size calculations but can assist you to understand what you need to know in order to perform a sample size calculation.

For further help with choosing the correct method your supervisor can use the Academic Statistical Support Service provided by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

In addition to the support that we can offer you at MASH, we also have a list of external courses and course providers that may be of interest to you as part of your doctoral development programme.

For all enquiries, feedback or comments you can use our contact form or email us: