What is MASH and how can we help you?

Image of studying for use on the Information pageMASH is the mathematics and statistics resource centre of the University of Sheffield. We are part of the 301 Student Skills and Development Centre and are here to provide mathematics and statistics support to all students at the University to enable you to perform well during your time in Sheffield. We are concerned with guiding and supporting your own learning. Our tutors can provide 1:1 tutorials that will help you overcome particular issues you may be encountering and consolidate your learning in mathematics and statistics. Their role is advisory and as such they cannot give specific advice on assessed work or carry out analyses for you, but they can give general advice on how to tackle different types of problems relevant to your studies. MASH is not a consultancy service. We can see students undertaking research and offer advice on the understanding of particular mathematics or statistical methods. We can help you understand what you need to know to conduct a sample size calculation but we will not do the sample size calculation for you and we are unable to give advice on how to analyse your research data.

In addition MASH run workshops in mathsstatisticsmaths anxiety and numerical reasoning for job applications. At the beginning of each academic year we provide diagnostic testing to help students gauge what areas of maths or statistics they may need to work on. Currently these are offered to all first year engineering students, students in Biomedical Science and the School of Health and Related Research. Click here to view an example of our self-diagnostic test. If you are a member of staff who would like to offer this to your students, then please get in touch with us via our contact form