Mathematics Refresher

The resources below will help you if you if you have not studied mathematics for a while and wish to refresh your skills. For example, if you are applying for any of our degrees with a Foundation Year offered through the Department of Lifelong Learning (DLL). A sample maths assessment paper for the foundation year in DLL is also available.

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Useful facts and formulae can be found in this booklet created by mathcentre.

Skills Learning Outcomes Worksheet Webpage

Positive and negative numbers.

  • add and subtract numbers
  • multiply and divide numbers
  • use the correct order of arithmetical operations
  • apply to real world situations

1. Numbers

2. Addition and subtraction

3. Addition and subtraction

Positive and negative numbers

Multiplying and dividing numbers


  • add and subtract fractions
  • multiply and divide fractions
  • apply to real world situations

Basic fractions


Adding and subtracting fractions

Multiplying and dividing fractions

  • multiplying and dividing decimals
  • apply to real world situations

Multiplying and dividing decimals

Multiplying and dividing decimals
  • percentages
  • apply to real world situations
Working out percentages Percentages
  • simplifying algebraic expression
  • expanding brackets

Introduction to algebra

Simplifying expressions

Simple multiplying out of brackets

Expanding brackets

Simplifying expressions

Solving linear equations

Expanding brackets 1

Expanding brackets 2

  • central tendencies
  • apply to real world situations

Mean, Median and Mode




  • probability
  • apply to real world situations
Simple probability

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