Basic Algebra

Skill Type Description Source
Mathematical Language Booklet This introductory booklet describes conventions used in mathematical work and gives information on the appropriate use of symbols MathsCentre
Introduction to Algebra Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should understand the use of algebra and be able to write simple algebraic expressions Coventry University
Simplification Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should be able to simplify algebraic expressions involving several letters Coventry University
Symbols Worksheet Mathematics provides a very rich language for the communication of concepts and ideas, and a set of powerful tools for the solution of problems. In order to use this language, it is essential to appreciate how symbols are used to represent quantities, and.. MathsCentre
Scientific Notation Worksheet This leaflet explains scientific notation MathsCentre
The Modulus Symbol Worksheet This leaflet explains the use of the modulus symbol in conjunction with inequalities MathsCentre
The Modulus of a Number Worksheet The modulus of a number is its absolute size MathsCentre
Simplifying algebraic expressions MiniClip Simplifying algebraic expressions Leeds University
Substitution into formula MiniClip Substitution into formula Leeds University

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