Differential Equations

Skill Type Description Source
19.1 Modelling with Differential Equations Workbook Understand the use of differential equations in modelling engineering systems + identify the order and type of a differential equation + recognise the nature of a general solution + determine the nature of the appropriate additional conditions which wil.. HELM
19.2 First Order Differential Equations Workbook Explain what is meant by separating the variables of a first order differential equation + determine whether a first order differential equation is separable + solve a variety of equations using the separation of variables technique HELM
19.3 Second Order Differential Equations Workbook Recognise a linear, constant coefficient equation + understand what is meant by the terms "auxiliary equation" and "complementary function" + find the complementary function when the auxiliary equation has real, equal or complex roots HELM
19.4 Applications of Differential Equations Workbook Recognise and solve first-order ordinary differential equations, modelling simple electrical circuits, projectile motion and Newton's law of cooling + recognise and solve second-order ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients modelling HELM

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