Expanding or Removing Brackets

Skill Type Description Source
Removing Brackets 1 Worksheet This leaflet introduces certain rules to rewrite an expression which includes bracketed terms in an equivalent form, but without any brackets. MathsCentre
Removing Brackets 2 Worksheet In this leaflet, we show you the correct procedure for writing expressions of the form (a+b)(c+d) in an alternative form, without brackets MathsCentre
Factorising Simple Expressions Worksheet Factorising can be thought of as a reversal of the process of removing brackets. When we factorize an expression, it is written as a product of two or more terms, and these will normally involve brackets MathsCentre
Expanding, or Removing Brackets Booklet This is a complete workbook covering the removal of brackets from expressions. It contains lots of examples and exercises. It can be used as a free-standing resource, or can be read in conjunction with mathtutor - the companion on-disk resource MathsCentre
Brackets and Quadratics Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should understand how expanding brackets can lead to quadratic expressions Coventry University
Expanding and removing brackets Video - 39 mins In this unit we see how to expand an expression containing brackets. By this we mean to rewrite the expression in an equivalent form without any brackets in. Fluency with this sort of algebraic manipulation is an essential skill which is vital for further MathTutor
Expanding Brackets 1 MiniClip Expanding Brackets 1 Leeds University
Exapnding Brackets 2 MiniClip Expanding Brackets 2 Leeds University

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