Skill Type Description Source
Percentages Worksheet The use of percentages is common in many aspects of commercial life. Interest rates, discounts, pay rises and so on, are all expressed using percentages. This leaflet revises the meaning of the term 'percentage', and shows how to calculate percentages, an.. MathsCentre
Interest Worksheet Interest rate calculations arise in a variety of business applications, and affect all of us in our personal and professional lives. Individuals earn interest on sums they have invested in savings accounts. Many home owners pay interest on money they have MathsCentre
Continuous Compounding Worksheet Interest earned on an investment, or due on a loan, is usually compounded. On occasions, interest is compounded continuously, which has the effect of increasing the amount of interest MathsCentre
Indicial Equations Worksheet An indicial equation is one in which the power is unknown. Such equations often occur in the calculation of compound interest MathsCentre

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