Skill Type Description Source
Linear Inequalities Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should be able to describe the set of solutions to a linear inequality Coventry University
Solving Inequalities Booklet This booklet explains linear and quadratic inequalities and how they can be solved algebraically and graphically. It includes information on inequalities in which the modulus symbol is used MathsCentre
Manipulating Inequalities Worksheet This leaflet explains the meaning of the inequality symbols < and >, and shows how expressions involving them are manipulated MathsCentre
Linear Inequalities Worksheet The ability to study regions defined by linear inequalities is helpful when studying linear programming. This leaflet reminds you how to sketch these regions MathsCentre
3.5 Solving Inequalities Workbook Re-arrange expressions involving inequalities + solve linear and quadratic inequalities HELM
Inequalities Worksheet This leaflet explains inequalities and shows how they can be solved MathsCentre
Graphical Solution of Inequalities Worksheet This leaflet explains how graphs are used in the solution of inequalities MathsCentre
Solving inequalities Video - 26 mins Inequalities are mathematical expressions involving the symbols =<, >, <, >=. To 'solve' an inequality means to find a range, or ranges, of values that an unknown x can take and still satisfy the inequality MathTutor

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