Skill Type Description Source
13.1 Basic Concepts of Integration Workbook Evaluate simple integrals by reversing the process of differentiation + use a table of integrals + explain the need for a constant of integration when finding indefinite integrals + use the rules for finding integrals of sums of functions and constant m HELM
Integration Using A Table of Anti-Derivatives Booklet We may regard integration as the reverse of differentiation. So if we have a table of derivatives, we can read it backwards as a table of anti-derivatives. When we do this, we often need to deal with constants which arise in the process of differentiation MathsCentre
13.2 Definite Integrals Workbook Find simple definite integrals + handle some integrals involving an infinite limit of integration HELM
Integration As the Reverse of Differentiation Booklet This unit explain integration as the reverse of differentiation MathCentre
Table of Integrals Worksheet This leaflet provides a table of integrals of common functions MathsCentre
Integration 1 Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should be able to integrate simple functions Coventry University
Finding Areas By Integration Booklet This unit looks at how to calculate the area bounded by a curve using integration MathsCentre
13.6 Integration of Trigonometric Functions Workbook Use trigonometric identities to write integrands in alternative forms to enable them to be integrated HELM
Linearity Rules of Integration Worksheet This leaflet explains how to integrate the sum of two functions, and constant multiples of functions, using 'linearity rules' MathsCentre
Integration As the Reverse of Differentiation Worksheet Integration is introduced here as the reverse of differentiation MathsCentre
Volumes of Solids of Revolution Booklet We sometimes need to calculate the volume of a solid which can be obtained by rotating a curve about the x-axis. There is a straightforward technique which enables this to be done, using integration. This unit will explain how MathsCentre
Integrating constants MiniClip Integrating constants Leeds University
Integrating powers of x MiniClip Integrating powers of x Leeds University
Integration as the reverse of differentiation Video - 34 mins Integration can be seen as differentiation in reverse; that is we start with a given function f(x), and ask which functions,F(x), would have f(x) as their derivative. The result is called an indefinite integral. A definite integral can be obtained by subs MathTutor
Integration using a table of anti-derivatives Video - 15 mins Integration may be regarded as the reverse of differentiation, so a table of derivatives can be read backwards as a table of anti-derivatives. The final result for an indefinite integral must, however, include an arbitrary constant. MathTutor

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