Integration as Summation

Skill Type Description Source
Integration As Summation Worksheet An integral is defined as an infinite sum. This leaflet explains how this is done. This notion is important when we want to apply integration in many fields MathsCentre
13.3 The Area Bounded by a Curve Workbook Find the area bounded by a curve and the x-axis + find the area between two curves HELM
Finding areas by integration Video - 45 mins In simple cases, areas can be found by evaluating a single definite integral. Sometimes the integral gives a negative answer, and sometimes the correct answer can be obtained only by splitting the area into several parts and adding and subtracting appropriately MathTutor
Integration as summation Video - 41 mins Integration may be introduced as a means of finding areas using summation and limits. This process gives rise to the definite integral of a function MathTutor
Volumes of solids of revolution Video - 33 mins A solid of revolution is obtained by rotating a curve about the x-axis. There is a straightforward technique, using integration, which enables us to calculate the volume of such a solid MathTutor

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