Matrices - Further

Skill Type Description Source
30.1 Rounding Error and Conditioning Workbook Round real numbers and know what the associated rounding error is + understand how rounding error can grow in calculations + explain what constitutes an ill-conditioned problem HELM
30.2 Gaussian Elimination Workbook Carry out Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting HELM
30.3 LU Decomposition Workbook Find an LU decomposition of simple matrices and apply it to solve systems of equations + determine when an LU decomposition is unavailable and when it is possible to circumvent the problem HELM
30.4 Matrix Norms Workbook Calculate norms and condition numbers of small matrices + adjust certain systems of equations with a view to better conditioning HELM
30.5 Iterative Methods for Systems of Equations Workbook Approximate the solutions of simple systems of equations by iterative methods + assess convergence properties of iterative methods HELM

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