Pythagoras' Theorem

Skill Type Description Source
Theorem of Pythagoras Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should be able to find the third side of a right angled triangle given the other two sides Coventry University
Pythagoras' Theorem Worksheet This leaflet reminds students of Pythagoras' theorem and gives some simple examples of its use MathsCentre
Pythagoras' Theorem Booklet This unit states Pythagoras' theorem and illustrates its use in the solution of two- and three-dimensional problems MathsCentre
Pythagoras' theorem Video - 26 mins Pythagoras' theorem - the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides - is well known. In this tutorial we revise the theorem and use it to solve problems in right-angled triangles. A less familiar form of the theore.. MathTutor
Pythagoras' theorem 1 MiniClip Pythagoras's theorem 1 Leeds University
Pythagoras' theorem 2 MiniClip Pythagoras's theorem 2 Leeds University

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