Simultaneous Equations

Skill Type Description Source
Simultaneous Equations Worksheet This leaflet explains how two equations in two unknowns can be solved by elimination MathsCentre
Simultaneous Linear Equations Booklet This is a complete workbook introducing the solution of a pair of simultaneous linear equations. It contains plenty of examples and exercises. It can be used as a free-standing resource or in conjunction with the mathtutor DVD MathsCentre
Simultaneous Equations and the Method of Substitution Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should be able to solve quadratic and linear simultaneous equations by substitution Coventry University
3.4 Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations Workbook Solve pairs of simultaneous linear equations HELM
Simultaneous Equations Worksheet On completion of this worksheet you should be able to solve two linear simultaneous equations by elimination Coventry Univeristy
Simultaneous Equations Worksheet On occasions you will come across two or more unknown quantities, and two or more equations relating to them. These are called simultaneous equations and when asked to solve them yo umust find values of the unknowns which satisfy all the given equations a.. MathsCentre
Simultaneous linear equations Video - 34 mins The purpose of this section is to look at the solution of simultaneous linear equations. We will see that solving a pair of simultaneous equations is equivalent to finding the location of the point of intersection of two straight lines MathTutor

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