Skill Type Description Source
21.1 The z-Transform Workbook Explain what is meant by a sequence and by a difference equation + distinguish between first and second order difference equations + shift sequences to the left or right HELM
21.2 Basics of z-Transform Theory Workbook Define the z-transform of a sequence + obtain the z-transform of simple sequences from the definition or from basic properties of the z-transform HELM
21.3 z-Transforms and Difference Equations Workbook Invert z-transforms using partial fractions or residues where appropriate + solve constant coefficient linear difference equations using z-transforms HELM
21.4 Engineering Applications of z-Transforms Workbook Obtain transfer functions for discrete systems including series and feedback combinations + state the link between the convolution summation of two sequences and the product of their z-transforms HELM
21.5 Sampled Functions Workbook Take the z-transform of a sequence obtained by sampling + state the relation between the z-transform of a sequence obtained by sampling and the Laplace transform of the underlying continuous signal HELM

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