Numerical Reasoning Tests (in conjunction with the Careers Service)

Image of multiple choice questionsMany jobs require applicants to undertake numerical reasoning tests as part of the application process. We are developing a set of resources to help you tackle these. It will include an online resource to help you understand what is involved, worksheets of example questions and practice questions for a variety of question types and at different levels. 

If you would like to discuss numerical reasoning tests with one of our advisors, why not book a 1-1 session where you can explore the question types and focus on particular areas that may need attention. We're here to help. 

In addition, if you are feeling anxious about doing maths and undertaking a numerical reasoning test, why not have a look at our Maths Anxiety page or work through our online maths anxiety resource. It's designed to help participants understand their maths anxiety and develop strategies to deal with it.

An interactive guide containing lots of tips and tricks to get you started on preparing for your numerical reasoning test.

Find out about the numerical reasoning workshops organised by MASH

If you have not studied mathematics for a while, you may find it helpful to try our online self-diagnostic test. You can have as many attempts as you want and try to improve your score

This is the University of Sheffield's Aptitude Tests portal and here you will find not only information on Numerical Reasoning tests, but also lots of other tests you you may encounter when applying for jobs

Here you will find a number of general resources compiled by the Careers Service on sample psychometric tests to help you practise.

Numerical reasoning tests usually have multiple choice questions. Here you will find advice on how to tackle multiple choice questions.

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This numerical reasoning resource page is in development and we will be creating more content over the summer. Please let us know using the form below if there is anything that you would like to see added to it.

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