Pocket Guide to Resources for Maths/Statistics Support Tutors

Several members of the sigma network are engaged in a sigma-funded project to develop two “Pocket Guide to Resources”  booklets for those working in maths or statistics support. The aim is to produce a “pocket-sized” (A5) guide to give tutors working in maths support quick access to a comprehensive collection of resources that will enhance their tutoring role and their students’ learning. ‘Resources’ is interpreted broadly to include static as well as interactive digital materials that inform, engage or entertain for the purpose of widening knowledge and understanding, and improving teaching and student attainment.

Initial drafts of the two resource booklets are now available but the authors of both guides would welcome further suggestions of resources to add to the guides and any feedback.

The "Guide for statistics resources" was written by Ellen Marshall (Sheffield Hallam University), Alun Owen (Coventry University) and Jonathan Gillard (University of Cardiff) and can be downloaded here.  It contains links to as many resources as possible so that students and tutors can go directly to the resource needed.  Books are, where possible, linked to websites which allow staff to access full texts for free.  We also have a spreadsheet with all the resources and the summary tables with links which can be accessed here.

We would really appreciate suggestions for additional resources to be considered for inclusion in the statistics guide which can be done by completing a short online survey here.  We would particularly welcome suggestions for specialist areas of statistics e.g. econometrics or engineering statistics or less common topics.  If you have any other comments or suggestions about the resource tables or contents, please contact the team at ellen.marshall@shu.ac.uk.

The "Guide to Mathematical resources" has been written by Chetna Patel (De Montfort), Vijay Teeluck (Sheffield Hallam) and Leslie Fletcher and can be downloaded here.  There is a summary table of all the resources which can be accessed here.  Email chetna.patel@dmu.ac.uk with comments or suggestions.

Ellen Marshall July 2017