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Skill Type Description Source
Transfering data from Excel to SPSS Worksheet This handout describes how to transfer data from Excel into SPSS. The handout is particularly aimed at those who have questionnaire data, but the instructions are applicable for other sorts of data as well. MathCentre
Analysing a subset of cases Worksheet Sometimes we want to carry out a particular analysis for a subset of cases (e.g. a particular age group), rather than for the entire data set. Alternatively, we may want to carry out a particular analysis for a number of different subsets separately (e.g. carry out a separate analysis for males and females). This handout describes how to do these tasks in SPSS. MathCentre
Grouping and Recoding Variables Worksheet This worksheet teaches how to recode the existing variable into the same/a different variable. MathCentre
SPSS Online Training workshops Webpage This webpage includes various tutorials and video clips on using SPSS. It provides the datasets that you can practice with corresponding to each topic.


Beginners SPSS syntax Webpage This website has a good beginners guide to SPSS syntax as well as instructions for the pull down menu. SPSS tutorials

Annotated SPSS output using syntax


This website explains all the output from SPSS using syntax.  It also has help for R, STATA and SAS.


SPSS Tutorial videos (1) YouTube Videos A series of tutorial videos for carrying out common statistical procedures in SPSS. These are well organised into different catgeories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Brunel
SPSS Tutorial videos (2) Webpage A series of tutorial videos for carrying out different tests in SPSS. There are also videos on data collection, entering data into SPSS and transferring data into and out of Excel. Northampton University

SPSS Training for Postgraduate and Staff

Log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) with your University Username and password. Click on the Search button and add the above course code. If the session is full place your name on the Interest list.

Skill Type Description Source
Getting Data into SPSS (CIC401) Training An introduction to the SPSS interface, help system and data model. The course will then take you through inputing data manually or from another package. CICS, UoS
Simple Graphs and Statistics with SPSS (CIC403) Training An introduction to carrying out simple univariate and bivariate statistics. This include, barcharts, scatterplots, calculating frequencies and descriptive statistics, crosstabulation including using chi-squared test, t-test and correlation. CICS, UoS
Going Further with SPSS (CIC404)) Training The course will cover some multivariate statistical techniques including: muliple-linear regression, logistic regression and anova. It will also cover working to get results into other packages and working with syntax. CICS, UoS

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