MASH offer a number of workshops for all aspects of maths and statistics which are available to any student of the University of Sheffield.  Select the topic to view the full range of courses and descriptions. 

Attendance at the workshops can be formally recognised by The Academic Skills Certificate. The certificate is designed to help you use your experience gained from our academic skills workshops to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the skills required for you to succeed.

Workshop Description

Statistics and SPSS

Do you need to use statistics and/or SPSS for your research or as part of your course?  MASH offers a range of introductory statistics and SPSS workshops which cover getting started with SPSS, common hypothesis tests and choosing the right test for your research project.

Engineering maths booster

Are you are first year engineer and want some help and extra practice with the new maths you're learning? These workshops focus on key topics common to most first year engineering maths modules but are open to all students across the university.

Numerical reasoning

Will you be sitting a numerical reasoning test for future employers? This semester we will be running workshops to help prepare for these kinds of tests.

Maths anxiety

Are you anxious about the maths or stats needed for your course?  Maths and statistics anxiety is very common and can stop you from being able to study either subject effectively.  Find out what happens to the brain and how to overcome the anxiety and succeed with your course. 

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MASH is based at the 301 Student Skills and Development centre which also offers a wide range of academic skills workshops