Case studies

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Dr Russell GoodallDr Russell Goodall

"Balancing the demands of a job and a child is a difficult task for anyone, but I have found the working environment in the Department helpful in allowing me to participate in childcare, and be with my son as he grows up."

Claire JohnsonClaire Johnson

"The exciting thing about bioengineering is that it’s a multidisciplinary subject, cell biologists, polymer chemists, materials scientists and mechanical engineers all work together to solve problems and improve people’s lives."

Dr Nicola MorleyNicola Morley

"Being a mum and an academic is tough but with support from the Department and Faculty I was able to balance both and still focus on my future career direction, attending workshops to identify what is important in academia and to achieve promotion."

Josephine LawalPhD student Josephine Lawal in the Turner Museum

"I have a family and children and I'm still doing engineering, and being successful at it. Whatever you set your mind to - you can achieve it."

Professor Beverley InksonProfessor Beverley Inkson

"Engineering is interesting and it’s changing so you have that constant inspiration to keep doing something new; you want that in your career."

Dr Gwen ReillyDr Gwen Reilly

"You just get along with people, you have to emphasis your common interests and common goals rather than your differences."

Fahima IndeirFahima Indeir

"For me it is not difficult to be a woman in engineering; I believe women can do anything that men can do."

Professor Sheila MacNeilProfessor Sheila MacNeil

"Engineers are problem solvers, whether they’re male or female engineers."