Materials Green Impact

What is Green Impact (GI)?

An environmental accreditation ran by the National Union of Students, GI brings staff and students together to recognise their potential to change the way their institutions behave, from the bottom up. 

MSE Green Team

What we do

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is dedicated to supporting the Green Impact scheme.

We accomplish this by making simple, tangible and powerful changes to reduce resource use, develop greener policies with respect to equipment procurement and usage, and minimize the building's energy consumption. 

Our 10 greening opportunities


Forming a Green Impact team, made up of staff and students, we provide information on a range of environmental, social and lifestyle issues to promote a broader perspective on Green Impact outside of the Department. We hope these changes won't just exist at work but will become habits at home as well!

For further information about green impact please contact:

Biodiversity and community

Supporting the University's Biodiversity plan, we have refurbished the Hadfield green roof space. Inspiring positive change and fostering a shared sense of community, the space is a social area for students – past, present and future - and staff to enjoy and work together to create a more sustainable environment.


We support the University’s Sustainable Food Policy. We use local suppliers wherever possible to bring quality products without the added food miles. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and enjoy fresh food that tastes great.


As part of the renovation of the Hadfield building, controlled heating systems have been, and continue to be, installed for individual rooms. 

Whilst work continues, we have made a significant saving by removing all air conditioning units and minimized the use of fans and mobile heaters.

Laboratory equipment

We encourage all staff and students to follow departmental procedures in regards to turning off equipment when they have finished using it, and when it is safe to do so.

If any equipment must be left on, the correct signage must be clearly visible specifying reason.

Lighting and responsibility

We are dedicated to conserving energy and have two lighting and equipment responsibility plans in place for refurbishment of the Hadfield building which includes installation of sensor lighting.

We continue to support the University 'Big Switch Off' campaign; ensuring all equipment, heating and lighting be turned off over the Christmas period.


We support the University's recycling plan providing recycling for general waste, paper and printer, laser and inkjet cartridges.

We also provide clear procedures for the disposal of confidential waste, and provide guidance in the recycling of batteries and mobile phones.

Printing and photocopying

To minimise the Department’s contribution to paper waste we use the University My Sustainable Print service; reducing the cost of printing and the environmental impact of printing. 

To reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, instead of individual devices such as printers, faxes and scanners the managed network uses multi-functional printers. Staff and research graduates can print from any computer and collect from hundreds of printers in public areas around campus.


We encourage staff, students and visitors to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint through travel by using public transport, car sharing and walking or cycling.


The University's tap water is provided by Yorkshire Water. We encourage all staff and students to use tap water rather than bottled water where ever possible, saving costs and the environment. 

When ordering catering for meetings and conferenceS, we request reusable glass bottles and tap water.