Meet our alumni 

Get a work placement as that's a great way to get to know what a company is really like.

Sarah Emmins

Richard Senior
Patent Attorney, Withers and Rogers

Richard Senior"Make the most of the opportunities outside the University that complement your CV. Work/industrial placements can make a huge difference to your employability."

Keep a record of your professional activities, and some photographic memories as they become useful to build up your job profile.

AnVan Ho / Product Metallurgist at Tata Steel Speciality Steels

"I chose Sheffield as this is the City of Steel, and I considered it to be the best place in UK to get a job as a metallurgist."

Klaudiusz RASzKA / Metallurgical Engineer at Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions

Nathan Kucko
PhD Researcher at CAM Bioceramics

Nathan Kucko"I wanted to make a contribution to society by improving the human condition and extending the quality of life. Pursuing a degree in biomaterials and regenerative medicine enabled me to fulfill this goal in a practical manner."

Sinan Al-Bermani
Development Engineer at Forgemasters RD26 Ltd

Sinan Al-Bermani"My undergraduate degree provided me with the fundamental knowledge of materials science that is transferable to a wide range of manufacturing/research-based careers."

In the university campus, I remember the best times at The Turner Museum of Glass and information commons preparing for project meetings and assignments.

Manasi ravindra Mulay / Doctoral Researcher, Grantham Scholar (Department of Chemistry, Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Through my masters I gained lots of experience including lab safety, sample preparation and sample characterisation. Skills, all very useful in my current career.

Yang Liu

"I enjoyed being part of cutting edge research while working on my project, a sense of achievement and scientific satisfaction."

YEVGENI BRIF / additive manufacturing process engineer at Burloak Technologies

Jasmin Wong
Project Engineer at Plazology Limited

Jasmin Wong"The knowledge and skills I have learnt at the University of Sheffield have enabled me to secure a good job."

Geoff Foulds
Development Engineer at NetComposites

Geoff Foulds"I came from a non-technical background and was in a job that gave me little satisfaction. The foundation year was such a success that I felt encouraged to apply for a place on the MEng course."

The confluence of so many different cultures and academic perspectives resulted in a very rounded and enriching learning experience for me.

rohit Kumar / area sales manager at berger painTs india ltd

Absorb as much cutting-edge technology and practical experience as possible. You'll need it upon completing your degree and looking for a job.

Shitong Luo / TEACHER AT University of CHINA

Holly Askew
Production and Technical Scientist at Regenerys

Holly Askew"I would advise students to get as much experience as possible. Even with just a few days in a company you can learn a lot. In my final year I organised trips to different industries, funded by my department, so we could see a broad spectrum of where our degree could take us."

Ivan Koh
Development and Application Engineer at Clariant

Ivan Koh"The MSc project was the most enjoyable because it was when you really get tested. You get to display your abilities better because it resembled taking on a real work assignment alone."

I don’t think I could do my current job without the insight in medical materials and research my undergraduate degree and PhD gave me.


What did I enjoy the most at Sheffield? The vibrant international community, and top notch laboratory facilities.

juan leonardo martinEz / ceo at colorimetrix

Paul Swift
Consultant at NSG Environmental Ltd

Paul Swift"From an academic point of view, I knew that I was studying in a top and very well-regarded department, in terms of both teaching and research, within a world-class University."

Peter StanleyPeter Stanley
Development Metallurgist at Alcoa

"From an engineering perspective, try to develop links with industry. The mind-set required for academia and industry is different, but the gap is narrowing."

Receiving a degree from the Department was considered a special recognition and therefore was an ambition for anyone who wished to progress in the glass field.

alev yaraman / Fellow of the Society of Glass Technology