Caitlin Jackson

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Associate


Caitlin completed her MEng in Bioengineering in 2019, specialised in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.

Following completion of her Masters, Caitlin continued on to a PhD as part of the Advanced Biomedical Materials CDT under the supervision of Dr Frederik Claeyssens, Dr Nicola Green and Dr William English. 

Research interests

Caitlin’s current research interests focus on the use of biomaterials for the use of in vitro testing to reduce the need for in vivo testing. She is currently working on a lab-based vascularised tissue for in vitro lab on a chip models for healthy and diseased tissue, particularly focusing on modelling cancer metastasis.

Caitlin’s current work mainly utilises emulsion templating using photocurable polycaprolactone-based materials.