Materials Science and Engineering Case Studies

Students, staff and alumni of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The University of Sheffield come from all walks of life, and go on to achieve many great things. Their stories inspire, encourage and motivate others.

Student Case Studies


MEng Materials Science and Engineering (Research)

Gabby CoeGabby Coe wanted to gain experience of working within a research group between the third and fourth year of her degree course.

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MEng Materials Science and Engineering (Research)

Chris RodgerChris Rodger graduated in 2017, and chose to use the knowledge and skills that he gained at University to pursue a career in Patent Law.

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Extended Work Placement

Megan WakelingAs part of her MEng Materials Science and Engineering Degree, Megan Wakeling took on a 5 month work placement with a local composites company.

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International Student Ambassador

Sanchari DasSanchari Das | India

"One of the primary reasons why I chose to come here is because of the reviews I read about the quality of my Department."

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Year in Industry

Anirdhu BandaruAnirudh Bandaru - BEng Materials Science and Engineering

"I wanted to gain industrial experience and build a relationship with an industrial partner. It was also important for me to contextualise skills learned at university."

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MSc Nanomaterials and Materials Science

Michelle RodriguesMichelle Rodrigues | India

"There are so many resources that are made available to us students and the lecturers are so easily approachable that I had absolutely no trouble in understanding concepts and following lectures."

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MSc Aerospace Materials

Gloria TaiwoGloria Taiwo | UK

"Materials Science will definitely provide the best platform for your future and career."

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Postgraduate Scholarship

Benjamin Tomlinson Scholarship StudentBenjamin Tomlinson | UK

Benjamin Tomlinson was awarded the Gareth Griffiths Postgraduate Scholarship, which allowed him to study for his MSc in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine.

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MMet Advanced Metallurgy

Priyanshu BajajPriyanshu Bajaj | India

"I think the most enjoyable thing about studying my subject at the University of Sheffield is the diversity, studying with people from different ethnicities and background makes the university life colourful. Interacting with them, you learn much more than just your course."

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MSc Nuclear Science and Technology

Claudia Burgos OrganistaClaudia Burgos Organista | Colombia/Canada

"The breadth of knowledge of the academics here combined with the facilities guarantees a very rewarding experience."

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MSc Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine

Maria VelazquezMaria Velazquez | Mexico

"The environment of the University and the extracurricular options are amazing."

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MMet Advanced Metallurgy

Patricio MonesteroloPatricio Monesterolo | Argentina

"The University of Sheffield is not only a prestigious and top-ranked university but also inclusive and diverse."

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PhD Research

PhD Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Betul Aldemir DikiciBetül Aldemir Dikici | Turkey

"Like all other creative processes, science is tough, but it worth everything when you can see the hope that your effort can be a remedy to someone, one day."

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PhD Engineering Materials

Serkan DikiciSerkan Dikici | Turkey

"I usually think of the complex research problems as a puzzle. The only way of solving a research problem which is outside our current knowledge is to collaborate with other scientists to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together."

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PhD Materials Science and Engineering

Mohammed ShbehMohammed Shbeh | Iraq

"One of the greatest assets of being a postgraduate research student here for me is having the chance to teach in the Diamond."

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PhD Materials Science and Engineering

Zena Jehad WallyZena Jehad Wally | Iraq

"I knew about Dr Reilly’s research and contacted her about joining her team."

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