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Certified standards

British Standards Online

Access is available to the British Standards library for University members. Pure British Standards (BS) and International Standards from ISO are available for download.

British Standards online

ASTM standards and engineering digital library

Access is available to the ASTM International standards library via Muse.

ASTM access

Particle size distribution

Malvern application notes

Malvern have produced a range of useful application notes regarding the use of the Mastersizer 3000 and wet dispersion method development in particular. You can register for free at the link below. A range of live and recorded Webinars and presentations are also available regarding the use of laser diffraction.

Malvern Registration


The Luxpop site is a useful resource for determining Refractive Index, needed when using Mie Theory to analyse diffraction patterns.

Access to Luxpop

Refractive Index Database

Access to


Wave number/wavelength converter



A range of useful application notes relating to different methods of FTIR investigation are available from Pike Technologies.

Pike technologies