The X-ray Diffraction Small Research Facility: Facilities

Capabilities of the XRD Small Research Facility

The laboratory houses 8 instruments known as `diffractometers´ which can collect XRD data. Each of these has particular strengths and capabilities.

At the heart of the X-ray Diffraction Laboratory are two high resolution transmission-mode STOE STADI P powder diffractometers.

Our copper-radiation STOE STADI P diffractometer hosts two goniometers; rapid scans can be made for phase analysis using the imaging plate system, whilst high resolution data can be simultaneously conducted using the position sensitive detector for accurate determination of unit cell parameters and structural analysis or quantitative phase analysis using Rietveld refinement.

A second STOE STADI P diffractometer with a molybdenum source allows for the study of 3d transition metals without the problems of fluorescence that can happen when using copper radiation to study Fe, Co or Mn based systems. This system is also fitted with an Oxford Systems Cryocooler, and a furnace allowing for high resolution powder diffraction data to be collected from ~ 80 K up to ~ 1700 K!

The SRF also houses four reflection-mode instruments, with three Bruker diffractometers and one PanAlytical diffractometer. These are all ideal for phase analysis, retained austenite calculations, residual stress analysis, glancing-angle XRD and measurements of crystallite size/strain.