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Here you will find details of upcoming departmental events, conferences and symposiums.

Functional Materials for a Sustainable Future

Date: Monday 15 May
Venue: Halifax Hall Hotel, Sheffield

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A one day workshop exploring recent developments in the area of functional materials, particularly electroceramics, with a view to mapping out future challenges that industry face in this area.

Workshop: Designing forcefields in an age of cheap computing

Date: 26 July - 28 July 2017
Venue: CECAM-UK-HARTREE, Daresbury

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Robust, reliable forcefields are central to successful atomistic simulations. This workshop will bring together leading experts to discuss the impact of increasing computer power, both in terms of speed and data storage, on the development, validation and use of forcefields in molecular simulation.

Organised by Professor John Harding, Dr Colin Freeman and Dr Christopher Handley, the workshop will compromise six sessions, focusing on the problems and opportunities in forcefield design and function to identify common challenges and map the way forward.