Jeerawan Thanarak

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Associate


In 2016, Jeerawan completed her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from King Monkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand.

After being granted from the Royal Thai Government, she obtained her MSc in Biomaterials Science and Engineering, the University of Sheffield in 2018. The project focused on enhancing collagen production from human dermal fibroblasts on Poly(glycerol sebacate)-methacrylate (PGSM) Scaffolds.

Research interests

Since 2019, she started her PhD with Dr Nicola Green, observing the production of extracellular matrix by cells in vitro. Her research focuses on implementing mechanical stimulation to increase collagen production and cell proliferation.

This project will aim to produce an alternative way of making soft-tissue scaffolds. Her research also collapses with biomedical robotic group in the University of Sheffield.