Liam Hardwick

PhD Researcher


Address: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sir Robert Hadfield Building, Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD


Qualifications: MSci Physics

Research interests

Nickel-based brazing alloys, Vacuum brazing of nickel superalloys, High Entropy Alloys, Alloy design, CALPHAD (Thermo-Calc software)

Current Research Project: Development of novel nickel-based brazing alloys

Nickel-based brazing alloys are the preferred material for the joining of nickel superalloy components in aerospace and land-based power turbines, thanks to their mechanical properties and corrosion performance. However, the use of boron and silicon in such alloys leads to brittle phases forming in the joints, harming mechanical performance. This project (supported by VBC Group) is looking to develop novel compositions of nickel brazing alloys to avoid such phases and improve upon performance currently achievable.

Professional activities and recognition

Membership – American Welding Society



  • International Brazing & Soldering Conference 2018
  • National Student Conference 2018
  • Aachen LӦT 2018


  • Junior Euromat 2018